Lancaster Township Youth Aid Panel

A volunteer panel. Accepts cases involving non-violent juvenile offenders where the offense occurred in Lancaster Township. The panel is an option that the juvenile offender can pursue instead of going to Juvenile Court or the District Justice.

The juvenile must acknowledge his/her wrongdoing, and is then referred to the program by the police officer. The Youth Aid Panel hears the case, and establishes requirements for the juvenile to meet. If successful, the juvenile will have the offense deleted from his/her juvenile record.

The panel works with both the victim of the crime and the juvenile offender to increase the youth’s accountability and responsibility for his or her actions. At the same time, the juvenile is making amends with the victim.

The Lancaster Township Youth Aid Panel meets in the evening—the 2nd Tuesday of each month at the Lancaster Township Municipal Building. Generally, the panel hears three cases during this meeting. It provides an alternative way to handle first time juvenile offenders.

Candidates wishing to participate on the panel must have child protective clearance, complete an 8-week training course, and be willing to make a one-year commitment.

If you are interested in volunteering, call Allen Leed at (717) 569-6401 extension 592.