Planning Commission

The Planning Commission meets on the third (3rd) Tuesday of each month at the township office located at 1240 Maple Avenue. Meetings begin promptly at 7:00pm. Click here for the municipal meeting calendar. (Note: meeting dates are subject to change/cancellation.)

Applications to the Planning Commission must be received at least one (1) month in advance of the regularly scheduled meeting. For more information, contact: Tom Daniels (223) 221-7514;  or Gretchen Smith (223) 221-7515;

The Planning Commission provides strategic, coordinated, and objective guidance for growth, planning, and development activities of Lancaster Township. In doing so, it is the goal of the Commission to ensure that Lancaster Township’s future is characterized by a healthy environment, economy, and society achieved through proactive planning, citizen representation, and effective communication.

Planning Commission members are appointed to four-year terms:

Glenn Ebersole - Term ending 12/31/2025

Thomas Kifolo – Term ending 12/31/2027

Angela A. Sowers - Term ending 12/31/2026


Thomas McDermott – Term ending 12/31/2024
Deborah Martinez – Term ending 12/31/2025
Alimayu Thrash  – Term ending 12/31/2026
John Affriol - Term ending 12/31/2028