Special Collections Calendar

2024 Special Collections calendar (includes curbside yard waste collection)

ONLY certain holidays affect regular trash/recycle collection schedules depending on what day the holiday falls on. If the actual holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, there is NO CHANGE to the collection schedule.

The holidays listed below are the only holidays observed by the contracted hauler:

JANUARY: New Year’s Day - (only affected if January 1st falls on a Monday thru Thursday)
MAY: Memorial Day - (Monday holiday means one-day delay for the week)
JULY: Independence Day - (only affected if July 4th falls on a Monday thru Thursday)
SEPTEMBER: Labor Day - (Monday holiday means one-day delay for the week)
NOVEMBER: Thanksgiving Day - (Thursday holiday means Thursday collection will be Friday)
DECEMBER: Christmas Day - (only affected if December 25th falls on a Monday thru Thursday)

ALL items for collection must be placed out the night before the collection day.

  • Curbside Christmas Tree DisposalSaturday, January 13, 2024. One-day ONLY (township-wide) free curbside collection of REAL Christmas trees. If you miss the free collection day, you will need to purchase a $4 Red tag to have the tree collected. Artificial trees are not part of the free collection and MUST HAVE a $4 Red tag attached. ALL decorations must be removed from trees AND no trees in tree bags.
  • Curbside Yard Waste Collection:  Collected EVERY OTHER WEEK on your regular collection day. Collection begins Monday, April 8, 2024. Collection ends the week of October 7th, 2024. 
  • Large Appliance/Tire Collection:  Spring collection is Friday, May 17th, 2024.  Fall collection is Friday, November 8th, 2024.
    • A $12 Blue tag must be attached to each appliance. Includes washers, dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators, stoves, freezers, hot water heaters, air conditioners, furnaces, dehumidifiers, etc. 
    •  A $2.00 Purple tag must be attached to each tire. This collection is for standard vehicle or motorcycle tires ONLY and NO RIMS. NO COMMERCIAL OR OVER-SIZED TIRES WILL BE COLLECTED.
To purchase extra service tags: 
  • Tags are purchased at the township office, 1240 Maple Avenue.
  • Tags should be securely attached on each item in a place clearly visible to the trash hauler.
  • Item(s) should be left for collection in the same place and put out at the same time as your regular trash.
  • If you purchased a Blue or Purple tag at an earlier date and did not use it, but want to now, you must notify the township office two (2) business days prior to the collection date in order to place your address and the item(s) on the hauler’s list. Send an email to jyost@twp.lancaster.pa.usor call (717) 291-1213.

Lancaster County Solid Waste accepts large appliances car, truck, and motorcycle tires, with or without rims, ALL YEAR ROUND. Call (717) 397-9968 or visit their website for more information, including their hours and fees. ADDRESS: 1299 Harrisburg Pike, Lancaster, PA 17603