State Roads/Road Classifications

The following roads in Lancaster Township are State Roads and are maintained by PennDOT: (717) 299-7621

  • Columbia Avenue
  • East King Street
  • East Orange Street
  • Marietta Avenue
  • Millersville Pike
  • Millersville Road
  • New Danville Pike
  • Riverside AVenue
  • Wabank Road

There are four primary “Urban Highway System Functional Classifications:“

Urban Principal Arterial roads carry most of the traffic entering and leaving an area. They include interstate highways, limited access freeways and expressways, and other principal arterial roads with unrestricted access.

  • PA 23 connector (between East Walnut Street/Grofftown Road)
  • US 30
  • US 222 (South Prince Street)
  • East Chestnut Street (beteen Broad Street & Grofftown Road)

Urban Minor Arterial roads interconnect and augment the urban principal arterial system. They also distribute traffic to smaller, local geographical areas.

  • Columbia Avenue (PA 462)
  • East King Street (PA 462)
  • East Orange Street/Riverside Avenue (SR 1002)
  • Fairview Avenue
  • Marietta Avenue (PA 23)
  • Millersville Pike (PA 999)
  • Millersville Road (PA 741)
  • New Danville Pike (PA 324)
  • North President Avenue
  • Race Avenue (PA 462)
  • South Queen Street (PA 222)
  • South West End Avenue

Urban Collector roads provide both access service and traffic circulation within residential neighborhoods, commercial and industrial areas. They also collect traffic from local roads and channel it into the arterial system.

  • Abbeyville Road
  • Atkins Avenue
  • Buchanan Avenue
  • Charles Road
  • School House Road
  • South Duke Street
  • Spencer Avenue
  • Wabank Road (PA 3034)
  • Wilson Drive

Urban Local roads comprise all roads not on one of the higher systems. They serve primarily to provide direct access to abutting roads and access to the higher order systems. Through traffic is discouraged on local roads.